Friday, May 11, 2007

It's that time of year!

Well folks, I know I've been a lousy blogger lately, but I have a pretty good excuse. Over the past few weeks I've been finishing up with college, enjoying senior week, and graduating. Plus we've had a few birthdays and Mother's Day around here. But let's go back to that bombshell I just dropped...I am now a college graduate! (A lot of good that has done me though since I still can't find a real job.) Oh well though.

As to the sports world, I'm sure there has been a bundle of activity that I have missed out on. Corey has done his best to keep me up-to-date, but let's be honest, I had bigger fish to fry.

And, the latest news is that Corey and I have started coaching a 14-and-under girls softball team. We are both stoked to have the chance to coach, each hoping to turn it into something bigger in time. We will be coaching 12 eighth graders together, each of us sharing the the head coach position. I will be the pitching coach for our team and the other 14U team (7th graders) as well as doing batting and fielding coaching. Corey will probably mostly be a fielding coach and then also help with the batting part. Then again, if I'm coaching the pitchers, I might not get to do much other coaching. At least as long as we practice with the other team. I think for our practice next week I will have us split up though and use 2 fields instead of just one. We'll see though. Corey and I have a week to come up with a practice plan. I know a lot of fun games and drills to have the girls do. They are still pretty rough as they are just starting to learn some of the skills required in softball. Hopefully Corey and I will have a lot to teach them.

In other news, Santana seems to have decided to go back to being a god among mere mortals with his last two pitching performances. In the last two games he's pitched, he has given up a total of 3 runs. All of them have been on solo home runs. If he would stop giving up HRs, he really would be a god with 11 and 13 strikeouts a game. That's why he's a two-time Cy Young winner. Minnesota bows down before him.

It's also been a nice change to see our offense producing some runs. Morneau's two homeruns last night paired with Torii's homer were really a godsend last night. Yet it's funny, either we can't score any runs or we score more than necessary. No real in between for the Twins.

Now if we could just get Joe back (though he should be back for the next series) things could really get going. If we can stay healthy, that is. With at least five guys on the DL, things just aren't going to look so good. We can keep hoping for the team to produce some runs and put up a good defense, but we need to stay healthy.

Well kids, that's really all I've got today. My heart just isn't in this. I'm sorry I haven't been writing, but I just really haven't felt inspired. It's probably just a phase while I get over school and look for a job (I have an interview on Tuesday). If anyone has any ideas for content they would like to see covered, feel free to drop me a note. Maybe that can be my source of inspiration. Otherwise check out the rest of the site, it's much better than the lack of content I produce.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

I'd like to volunteer myself to rub Joe Mauer's leg.

It's time for a quick post before I write a real one today or tomorrow.

How disappointed are we in Joe Mauer's legs? First a stress reaction, then a "really tight" left quadriceps? Left leg both times too... After being out a second straight game, Mauer's MRI reveals a strained left quad with some bleeding on the muscle. It's unsure if this will send him down to the disabled list or he can heal on the bench. Either way, the injury has fans and the team worried. Mauer also seems worried, noting that his leg was still "pretty sore" upon arriving at the clubhouse for the game today.

I'm also very disappointed at the timing of this. Not only did he miss most of the Red Sox series, but he was gone for BOTH of my first games of the year. And I had even brought a friend on Saturday who adores him. We were both very excited to see our man and then his left leg let us down. We can only hope that it will heal quickly and he'll be back to help out this struggling offense.

Until then, if he needs a personal leg masseuse, he should give me a call because I'm great with my hands and would do anything to get him back in the game!

In other news, Joe has also been named American's Most Eligible Bachelor by Extra

AND he takes care of his family! Joe has recently said that his parents are free to retire as he will take care of them financially.