Sunday, May 6, 2007

I'd like to volunteer myself to rub Joe Mauer's leg.

It's time for a quick post before I write a real one today or tomorrow.

How disappointed are we in Joe Mauer's legs? First a stress reaction, then a "really tight" left quadriceps? Left leg both times too... After being out a second straight game, Mauer's MRI reveals a strained left quad with some bleeding on the muscle. It's unsure if this will send him down to the disabled list or he can heal on the bench. Either way, the injury has fans and the team worried. Mauer also seems worried, noting that his leg was still "pretty sore" upon arriving at the clubhouse for the game today.

I'm also very disappointed at the timing of this. Not only did he miss most of the Red Sox series, but he was gone for BOTH of my first games of the year. And I had even brought a friend on Saturday who adores him. We were both very excited to see our man and then his left leg let us down. We can only hope that it will heal quickly and he'll be back to help out this struggling offense.

Until then, if he needs a personal leg masseuse, he should give me a call because I'm great with my hands and would do anything to get him back in the game!

In other news, Joe has also been named American's Most Eligible Bachelor by Extra

AND he takes care of his family! Joe has recently said that his parents are free to retire as he will take care of them financially.


Anonymous said...

Hey Joe's girlfriend! You are sooo lucky to have him as a bf..i think he's sooo hott..but i'm only 12 so it's okay..he's not cheating on you! lol well i guess that's all..bye

Anonymous said...

All you chicks NEED to lay off of Joe! Hes a single guy who is NEVER gonna date any of you! Im pretty sure of it! I am absolutely his #1 FAN and i dont want to marry him! I AM in love w/ him as a FAN! so LAY off and let him do what he wants!! and i would have to agree that that chelsey chick is an ugly hog! Im GLAD joe left that girl! Id also like to give a shout out to my BFF sierra freid (#1 FAN of Justin Morneau!)

Anonymous said...

With all of Mauer's leg problems this year, do you think it could be stemming off of his left knee? Anything could happen, but just a hunch it might be the cause of it? I'm an avid equestrian and had knee surgery to repair tears and I'm having leg problems from it.