Thursday, April 5, 2007

Warning: bitter sports gal.

Well, I'm a little tardy with this rant, but I feel it is important that I get it out nonetheless. So here it goes...

On Tuesday, April 3, Corey attended his first Twins game of the season. This is a problem for multiple reasons. First of all, when he bought his season tickets, he got tickets for a game when I had a softball game scheduled. That means two things, first that he was not coming to my games and instead going to see the Twins. Second, that also meant he was going to the game without me! I know he won't go to all the games with me, but the fact that he had already scheduled the first game at a time when he knew I couldn't go really upsets me.

I am also bitter that he didn't even attempt to invite me to the first game. He claims that he didn't know I had a game that day, that I never told him. Yet, he also claims that he didn't invite me because he knew I had a game. Either way, he lied once to cover his butt. AND he invited about 3-4 people to the games before even thinking about whether I might like to go.

In the end, he went with Nick Nelson of Nick & Nick's Twins Blog. Part of me understands going with him, but I am still bitterly jealous that he got to go hang out with a cool Twins fan while I was stuck at a really lame softball practice. Granted, I probably need the practice, but I also didn't get much actual practice since my coach sucks (I'll save that for another post). So while he was eating Dome Dogs and watching his favorite team, I was chasing balls in a dark gym with a bunch of girls with attitudes that frankly need adjusting. So, Nick, if you read this, I hope you feel very special, honored, and privileged to have attended that game, because I am feeling quite the opposite. (You don't really have to feel bad, though I was trying to make you feel guilty...I'm glad you enjoyed the game.)

This brings me back to my post A sports lover's guide to getting their own sports gal. Remember when I said there are some downfalls to having a girlfriend who likes sports? Well, this is one of the downfalls I was talking about. I ended up getting very angry and bitter at Corey for going to the game without me, because I wanted to be at that game! I even yelled at him (well, not really yelled so much as talked at him in an angry voice) about the situation for a few minutes because I was so upset. I mean, I missed a good game only to go to a bad practice and then a really lame group meeting for one of my classes. You would be upset too!

And what's worse is that Corey will be going to another game on Monday without me. I wonder who he'll take with him this time. Maybe Aaron Gleeman, or Seth (I don't know his last name)? Or maybe Mike Pahl? Who knows. Corey is always a mystery. I do know that I'm looking for a date to a Twins game (or even a Wild game if you've got tickets), so hit me up and as long as you're not too creepy I would love to go on a date with one of you since Corey seems like he's forgotten about me. So drop me a comment, email me, whatever. If you take me to the game, I'll buy you a Dome Dog.


Corey Ettinger said...

Maybe if you actually liked baseball...

You going to miss the Yankee's game because you have practice. I find this odd because you would've skipped practice for an Orioles game but for a YANKEE'S game your going to go to practice. That makes no sense.

But no worries, I'm sure watching Bonser take on the Yanks wont be anything special anyways.

Kristen Mainz said...

Well, depending on when practice is, I might be able to get out of it or leave early or something. But it's not like you invited me to this game either.