Monday, April 9, 2007

Twins bloggers unite

Well, everyone here has been doing a pretty poor job of keeping up with their writing. So, to give the people what they want, I will write something short to entertain the fine people who visit my site. And while I'm at it, I 'll give you all a shout out and a thanks for viewing my site so much! I am really excited and flattered that so many people view my page, though I wish more of you would comment.

Now that that's out of the way, the real reason I came to write is to comment briefly on the wonderful blogger's get together on Saturday to watch the Twins lose to the White Sox. The game was pretty crappy, but it was a really fun time. The event was organized by Star Tribune blogger, Howard Sinker, and apparently it was not the first time such an event was organized. Next year y'all should make it out, it's a really good time. Basically, what happens is a bunch of Twins fans including Twins bloggers and their readers get together at a local Buffalo Wild Wings to eat, drink, and watch baseball. I think we had about 25 people or more there, and I got to meet some great bloggers.

That brings me to Nick and Nick. Yes, I got to meet both of them. Nick Nelson, the cute journalism major (who has an equally cute girlfriend, sorry girls) and Nick Mosvick, Nick's analytical counterpart. Once I met Nick N., my bitterness and anger at him for attending a game with my boyfriend subsided because I realized he is just a genuinely nice guy who loves the Twins and the game of baseball. He's a great guy who Corey and I look forward to spending more time talking with and maybe even hanging out. You all should check out their blog if you like baseball even a little bit. I also spent some time discussing law school and related topics with Nick M. While he did not make nearly the same big impression Nick N. had (Nick N. also had the advantage of being hyped up before I met him), it was still fun to talk to him about law school, and also to make fun of both of them.

I also got to meet Mr. Howard Sinker, Stick and Ball Guy and his wife, The Dread Pirate Will Young, and so many others that I can't remember all of their names (otherwise I'd link to them too).

Wow, this post is really lame. I apologize. I really don't have much to say, mostly because I yet again had to miss yet another game Corey had tickets to because of stupid softball. If I wasn't a team captain, I would have been there. It turns out one of my fellow team members faked food poisoning so that she could go to the game. I'm bitter about that, but this time I'm not angry at Corey, just at myself and my teammate. I have to miss another game against the Yankees tomorrow because I am supposed to have a softball game.

Shameless plug - If anyone is in the St. Paul area and wants to see a softball game, I will be playing at Dunning Softball Complex at 4:00. Feel free to stop by. /shameless plug.

Anyway, still looking for someone to take me to a game. Check my softball schedule for the days that I don't have softball and then send me an offer. Now that this post is thoroughly lame, I think I'll end it. Sorry for wasting your time.


Nick N. said...

Thanks for the kind words Kristen. It was extremely nice to meet you as well and I look forward to getting together with you and Corey sometime in the near future!

Kristen Mainz said...

Maybe you and your girlfriend can go to a game with Corey and me sometime this summer? Otherwise, you're welcome to come over and drink some beer and watch the game sometime too.